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Like Money (Part 16)
Title: Like Money

Author: happy_luckyrain

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Ianthony

Genre: Romance, fluffy-fluff fluff, friendship, AU, drama(? maaaaybeee)

Summary: Anthony is an arrogant jerk who's really sick and tired of his life. He's got fame, fortune, and the whole dilemma but in reality, he just wants to get out of this fast and furious life. Unlike Anthony though, Ian is a middle class, simple-minded person but can't really find what he's looking for in his life. What happens when these two have to work together? Unexpected events will sure unravel!

Author's Notes: What? The 16th Chapter? What? (I've been slacking off.)

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Ian Hecox

Tap Tap Tap

What the hell am I doing with my life? I looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

"What am I going to do? What am I even doing?" I asked myself, certain that no one was present at my desk.
"I don't know. Normally, I would ask that." my head snapped in shock and I could see Anthony looking annoyed. "Where's the files I asked for?"
"Huh? Oh! Yeah. Here." I handed him the files he wanted, my hands sweating a bit. What the hell is up with me?
"Thanks." he had replied and walked back to his office. I sighed.

What is wrong with me? Do I really see Anthony in.  .  .in THAT way? I groaned and slumped onto my chair. I can't believe I would even look him that way. I mean, he's handsome, I admit. But he's my boss! I can't just look at my boss like that, even if we are friends to some extent. Okay, calm down, Hecox. Just calm down.

'What the fuck? You can't calm down! You're definitely falling for your.  .  .boss! No, I--ARGH!'

Shut up! Just shut up. No, I can't be falling in love with him. I'm his subordinate.

'It's pretty damn obvious you like him. So why not just admit it?'

"Because I'm pretty sure he won't look at me that way. At least not that I know of." I felt disappointed in myself. Compared to an elite, honorable guy such as Anthony, I'm a nobody. He deserves someone much more like him, like Kalel standard. I know that for sure.
"Sulking on the job?" I snapped my head back up and could see Kalel standing in front of me.
"Huh? Oh, what? No!"
"You're definitely sulking." Kalel sits down on my desk. "Tell Kalel all about it."
"Well, just talk."
"No. I mean how do you deal with a situation where you love someone but you're too scared to admit it?"
She backed away from me a little bit and rested her right hand on her chin, in deep thought. "Hmm. Well, for one thing, you got to be persistent. You got to show them you love them, ask them on a date or something." she then smirked and turned to look at me again. "Why? Who's the lucky person?"
"Erm.  .  ."I tried not to catch her gaze.
"It's Anthony isn't it!" she squealed.
"What? N-No! I-uhm." I was blushing now. Damn this girl. I hate how she can read me so easily. Just like Anthony. Are rich people always like this? I looked down feeling so embarrassed.
"Just as him out." I looked up.
"What, are you bullshitting me? Hell no. What if he rejects me?"
"You're acting like those overly complicated high school girls. Seriously." she sighed. " Well, you guys hang out almost everyday so this isn't really much of a bother. I'm sure he'll say yes." she shrugged. "Want me to tell him?"
"What? No, I'll tell him."
"Then go! I'll wait here."

I nodded and then stood up to walk into Anthony's office. The intimidation its giving off made me want to back out. You know what, I'll just back out. I will. I began to walk back to my desk until I saw Kalel shaking her head and motioning me to man up. I gulped, heaved a sigh and tried again. I slowly knocked on the door, turning my head to see Kalel nodding.

"Come in!" Anthony's voice resonated. I slowly turned the door knob, my hands were shaking.

I felt pretty pathetic up to now.



Anthony Padilla

I looked up to see the doorknob turn. I was pretty sure it was Ian and I don't usually look up when he walks into my office to say something but, this was an exception. Considering that he looked like a blushing, cute mess.

"Yes?" I raised an eyebrow and he walked towards my desk. "What is it? I'm kind of busy."
He closed his eyes, gave a shaky sigh, and then looked at me again with those cyan blue eyes of his. "Would you, uhm. Would you like to hang out sometime? Like, just the two of us. Yenno?" he grew redder.
"Ian Hecox, are you asking me out on a date?" I smirked, seeing him so flustered makes me so satisfied. Does that make me sadistic? I think so.
"I-uhm. Yeah." he looked down, looking so dejected.
I sighed, this is just too cute. I smirked. "Sure.Tonight at eight sounds fine to you, right?" He looked at me again, shocked eyes meeting with my overly smug ones.
"Y-You're not playing me are you?"
"Why would I?" I looked back down at my work again. "Is that all?"
"Y-Yeah!" he seemed happy. And just like thatm, I watched him walk away from the corner of my eyes.

Silence for a while and then.  .  .

"Yes! Kalel, he freaking said yes! I can't believe it!"

I chuckled at how excited he was for our date. How overly cute. To be honest, I couldn't wait also. When he asked me that question, my mind was screaming 'YES' but, I'm surprised I kept any smug composure at all. Really. I couldn't really help but smile and look at the clock once and a while. Why am I really feeling this way? Just for someone like him, you ask? I don't really know. I fell in love by how simple he makes everything seem while I'm here making things complicated and intricate. He's an airhead at times and you can get annoyed by how he goofs around and makes really inappropriate comebacks but, I love it.

You deserve much better, you say?

If 'better' means I deserve a pretty woman with loads of money and can give me everything then, no. Not really. I hate those kinds of women. When you leave, they question you and pout and act all cute. Women like these make me barf. Plus, like I said, I'm not much for a fast and furious lifestyle and I'm gay. You should know that by now. And Ian, he knows me well. I guess.

Money can give you happiness too, you say?

Well, if you're a guy as elite like me, money doesn't mean shit to you. So, it really can't make me happy. Yeah, I can buy all the stuff I want but, it's not really worth it. I don't care for much money. All I want is someone who can understand me and pull me out of this life i have. Just to smile at me without taking advantage of how rich I am, just to look at me without seeming like a powerhungry asshole, and just love me for.  .  .well, me. I know I'm acting really corny and childish but, try and live my life sometime.

Don't you care about your position, you ask?

What is this? An interview? I laugh at your sudden attempt to getting me to look the other way. I love Ian and I know I've only realized that but, so what? I don't really care much about positions. I don't care much about boring, old men talking to me about investments and stocks. Yeah, I realized I can't bear a child to continue the family line but, why would I want my child to suffer being unhappy? Because I'm pretty fucking unhappy.

So will you stop asking questions and just leave me alone? My life isn't your life, now is it? So if you don't mind, I'm going to enjoy my date in a few hours. Goodbye.



Yeah, you tell them, Anthony. I'm so proud of you. And I'm so proud of myself! I've been slacking off so much but, I.  .  .need.  .  .to.  .  .finish! School is coming up next month so gotta step it up a bit!~

This chapter is mainly Ian and Anthony's feels for each other. Their date will be written in the next chapter. Three more chapters! Hell yes!

I hope you guys are feeling and doing well. ❤

love, happy_luckyrain

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Aww...So Cute!! :D
Finally an official date! :)

Lol. Yup! Thanks for the comment!~ :D

I love this!
My favourite lines:
'What, are you bullshitting me? Hell no.'
'Ian Hecox, are you asking me out on a date?'
'Silence for a while and then. . .

"Yes! Kalel, he freaking said yes! I can't believe it!"

LOLOL. I'm not going to lie, that line was also one of my favorites. :)

(Deleted comment)
Ahaha. In glad you liked this chapter. (:

Ohhh yes!
such fluffy chapter!
*chokes on fluff

Don't choke on the fluff! AH! No!

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