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Like Money (Part 18)
Title: Like Money

Author: happy_luckyrain

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Ianthony

Genre: Romance, fluffy-fluff fluff, friendship, AU, drama(? maaaaybeee)

Summary: Anthony is an arrogant jerk who's really sick and tired of his life. He's got fame, fortune, and the whole dilemma but in reality, he just wants to get out of this fast and furious life. Unlike Anthony though, Ian is a middle class, simple-minded person but can't really find what he's looking for in his life. What happens when these two have to work together? Unexpected events will sure unravel!

Author's Notes: Time-skipped to the day after their little date. (One more chapter! Awwww YISSSSSS)

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Ian Hecox

I'm so tired! But, I really didn't mind. I had a lot of fun last night. I smiled as I stepped inside Padilla Associates but, wait. Something doesn't seem right. Everyone felt like they just got yelled at.

I stopped a random worker. "Hey, what's wrong?"
The worker, who's name was, Randall, gulped. "Mr. and Mrs. Padilla are making a visit."
"So? What's wrong?" I shrugged. I seriously don't know what to say. I haven't met the actual parents of Anthony.
"Dude! We're doomed. They're like what Mr. Padilla was. Only worse, man. A whole lot worse."
"You mean, they're basically sadistic?" Randall nodded. That's not too bad. I mean, I've put up with Anthony for four months now. So I'll put up with this one for sure.

Suddenly, there was a full blast of air and everyone held their breaths, I turned around only to find Anthony. Everyone heaved a sigh.

"Oh, it's just you, Mr. Padilla." Cathy, another worker, sighed.
"What? What do you mean just by 'it's just me'? I know my parents are going to be here for something but, to go as far as getting scared, they're not that bad." Anthony rolled his eyes at all of us and we gave him a nervous laugh.

I'm kind of worried.

"Don't worry. They won't be visiting for another two weeks. Calm down, everyone. Resume back to what you were doing." Anthony announced and everyone cheered. I laughed and followed Anthony to the elevator.
"Aren't you feeling smug about this, Anthony?" I asked him.
"Well, I've kind of put up with them so, of course." he just shrugged.
"What's so bad about your parents anyways?"
"They're perfectionists." so straight-forward.
"Are they straight-forward like you also?" I joked.
"Yep." damn. he's really straight-forward.

We didn't talk much, running out of things to say but thanking each other for last night, again. Ah! Work. So much work. I sat on my chair, still feeling tired but, whatever.



Anthony Padilla

I rubbed my eyes. I didn't really sleep much because I couldn't sleep at all. It was currently 8:30 AM and I didn't really feel like doing anything but sleep. I should've stayed home all day if I was this tired. But, the fact the my parents were going to visit two weeks from now, I had to get everything ready to their liking. They can be a bit picky when it concerns the company. But, they get a little worried when I'm involved in something drastic. So when I got home from the hospital because of the car crash incident, I got greeted with piles of 'Get Well' gifts from relatives and 'Get Well' messages on the phone. I was a little bit surprised that they cared about me a lot. Usually, they would often make decision for me and don't really ask me about what I want.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't realize the phone was ringing until Ian came in and poked me in the head.

"Your phone. It's ringing, please answer it." he smiled.
"Hm? Okay." he then walked away and left me to answer my phone.
"Hello?" it was my parents on the other line.

We talked about some stuff. How I was doing, if i was eating properly, and so on, so forth. Until, suddenly, everything to serious.

"The company? It's doing fine. Yes. Yes." I replied to their every question and suddenly. BOOM! I didn't expect it. No. "Excuse me?" I asked them to repeat.

I felt my breath going shaky and I couldn't think straight. It was so early in the morning. Yet, I'm greeted with this news. I can't believe it, my parents were deciding for me again! It's so frustrating. Why are they doing this? First they want me to inherit the company now, this? What are they trying to pull?

I can't believe it. After that little chat we had, my parents hung up. I, for one, slammed the phone back on it's receiver and I slammed my hand on my desk.

'You're going overseas to Japan and staying there to handle foreign affairs, Anthony. We'll talk about it once we come and visit.'  I could hear my father's voice all over again.

I'm not ready for this. Only when I decided I wanted to tell Ian about me and my feelings for him. Only when I'm originally happy, my parents find a way to screw it up for me. Everything!



Ian Hecox


I heard the noise from Anthony's office, shocking me out of my work. I wonder what's wrong. I decided to check it out but the aura emitting from Anthony's office told me otherwise. What happened? Did someone piss him off over the phone or something? Holy crap, the aura is too much. I walked back to my seat . Completely shaken up. It felt really scary all of a sudden so I decided to just let it be. I learned that I should let Anthony calm down before asking him what was wrong or else if I asked him now, he would flip a table over and I don't want that. But still, I wanted to know what was troubling Anthony so much.

I guess I better wait. It's not like I have any other choice anyways.

A few minutes passed and still, the aura didn't subside. Oh, shit. The person who called him must've screwed him over. Good thing I decided to tell Mari and Kalel not to come over today. I should probably tell them not to come over for a while too. Knowing Anthony and Mari's argument a long time ago, I'd rather not risk further drama. But seriously. I really wonder what's up.

I just hope this aura subsides by tomorrow or, even better, tonight. Or he's going to make me work overtime. 


I told you, Anthony. Jeez. Ah! Why are your parents so complicated?

*The last chapter would be a two-part. I'll post it up tomorrow!*
*Still. Awww YISSSS. One more chapter. Woot!*

I hope you guys are feeling and doing well. ❤

love, happy_luckyrain

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Dang it, Anthony has to leave?! D: B-but he was going to confess
his love! D:
I really love how you posted three chapters in a row!! I feel like ive
Hit the jackpot!!
Really great story by the way! :D
*crossing my fingers that anthony can stay!*

Sad truth. I know, Anthony's parents ruin everything. D:
Well, lucky you!~ Glad you like the story so far and I hope you manage to stay for the final chapter! :D
As for Anthony staying, we'll just have to wait and see. (:

Of course i will stay for the last chapter! :D
I cant wait! <3
I will cross my fingers for Ianthony :D <3

Anthony, you are not allowed to leave! I'll tie him up if I have to! >:)
I NEEEEED the next chapter! Pwease? :)

Lol. Quick get the ropes. He's not about to leave Ian behind.
Next chapter will be posted up sometime today. (:

(Deleted comment)
I'm sorry. D:
As for Anthony staying or taking Ian with him, we'll have to wait and see.

Noo, he can't leave! Unless Ian goes with him?

LOL. We'll just have to wait and see!~ [devious]

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