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Like Money (Part 19a)
Title: Like Money

Author: happy_luckyrain

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Ianthony

Genre: Romance, fluffy-fluff fluff, friendship, AU, drama(? maaaaybeee)

Summary: Anthony is an arrogant jerk who's really sick and tired of his life. He's got fame, fortune, and the whole dilemma but in reality, he just wants to get out of this fast and furious life. Unlike Anthony though, Ian is a middle class, simple-minded person but can't really find what he's looking for in his life. What happens when these two have to work together? Unexpected events will sure unravel!

Author's Notes: Time-skipped to two-weeks. I can't believe this is the final chapter. Woooow. I'm so happy.

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Anthony Padilla

Two weeks passed by like a breeze, never really waiting for me to be ready for it. I groaned in frustration. My parents will be visiting me here in the company at precisely three o'clock. During the days leading up to this, I've really been taking out my anger towards my workers. Asking them to work overtime for no reason at all. I've been taking out my anger especially on Ian. Asking him to fetch some things for me, printing files, and all those things all at once. I don't mean to do it, it's just that. I can't help it. Argh! This is so frustrating! I can't believe this is happening.

I looked at the clock. 2:53 PM. Any minute now, my parents would come wreck havoc. And to be honest, I kind of feel bad for Ian. Putting up with me like this and not telling him the reason why I'm in such a bad mood. I sighed and stood up, fixing my suit to my liking and went out of my office to come and greet my parents.

"Are my parents here yet?" I looked at Ian, trying to hide my anxious expression.
"Hm? Yes, Anthony. I received a call that they're going up here right now." Ian nodded.
"Oh yeah. While my parents are here, you should call me Mr. Padilla for now."
"Oh.  .  .Okay. Anything to make your parents happy." he nodded again. Was I too tough on him?

We both heard the elevator open and we composed ourselves. My mother and father were here. I took a breath to calm myself and smiled.

"Anthony!" my mother came to hug me. "I'm glad to see you're doing well."
"Hello mother, father." I nodded. "Please come inside my office." I smiled and gestured them inside my office and then looked at Ian to indicate that he should keep quiet and resume his work. He nodded in understanding.

I sighed and locked the door for privacy.

"So Anthony, You have thought about staying overseas, I hope?" my father's stern voice resonated in the silent office. I nodded, not really paying attention. The thought of leaving Mari, Kalel, an especially Ian was really too much for me.

I hung my head low. I did think of going. I mean, I wasn't given much of a choice.



Ian Hecox

"Hey Ian!" I heard Mari. I turned around and ushered her and Kalel quiet.
"Hm? What's wrong?" Kalel whispered.
"Anthony's parents are here."
Kalel's eyes widened. "Uh-oh. Knowing them. This visit cannot be good. For us, that is."
"Hm? Why?" Mari and I asked.
"His parents usually make decisions for him so, it really can't be good." Kalel walked to the door and pressed her ear on it.
"Kalel!" I whispered. "What are you doing?"
"Shh!" she silenced me and before I knew it, Mari and I were eavesdropping with her.

"Yes, I understand. My flight will leave tomorrow at noon."
I heard Anthony's voice.

"What? Where is he going?" I asked as Mari, Kalel, and I looked at each other in confusion. Just plain confusion.

To be honest, I was pissed. I was pissed that I was feeling mad for nothing. Of course he's a CEO, he has to handle business wherever he's appointed to. I know that. But, to not even bother telling me that? Who does he think he is? To just make me suddenly fall in love with him and just find out the hard way (in this case, eavesdropping) that he's flying to a location I don't even know about? Well, screw him. He's got another thing coming. If he wants to leave me well then, it's now or never. Isn't it?

Before I knew what I was doing, I was slowly turning the doorknob on Anthony's office and opened it with such force that Mari and Kalel had to step back and the whole Padilla family got shocked.

"Ian.  .  ." Anthony had said in a calm-like manner. by now I was blazing with anger. I thought we had something together.
"What the fuck, Anthony?" I balled my fists. Everything was spinning. I could only see Anthony, only him.
"Anthony? You let your secretary call you by your first name?" his father asked him. I wanted him to shut up, I wanted him to go away and leave Anthony alone. I wanted his parents to just go.
"Y-Yes. But, he's my friend, father." Anthony seemed to be a little shaken up.
"Friend?" his mother asked. "This man.  .  .is your friend?"
"Yeah!" I cut in. "Or used to be. I can't believe you didn't bother telling me that you were going away. Why didn't you tell me? What am I to you? Just what, Anthony? Tell me!" I demanded him to tell me.
"I-Ian.  .  .Your my friend. I-" Anthony seemed a little shaken up.
"Am I? I was planning to tell you this a little later but, considering that you were going away. Why not say it now."
"Ian what are you-" I cut Anthony off again.

"I LOVE YOU!" I, Ian Hecox, had yelled it out loud. I couldn't take it anymore and I started tearing up just a bit. "I love you. Why? Why do you have to go?" I didn't want him to answer that question so I bolted out the room.

"IAN!" I could hear Mari and Kalel yelling my name. I didn't care. When I found something just to my liking someone has to rip that away from me. I hated it.

I hated this feeling. I just hate it.



Anthony Padilla

"I LOVE YOU!" those three-letter words kept ringing in my ear. Yeah, I knew he liked me. But to hear it up front and in front of my parents. It was shocking.

"Anthony? I suggest you go after that man." I turned to face my mother.
"Excuse me?" I asked for her to repeat.
"Look, son? Be honest. Were you happy having to hear those words?" my father asked me.
"W-Well. Yeah. I am. But, aren't you a little bit disappointed?"
"We are because you can't continue the family line. But, what about Kalel?" my mother asked, turning to face Kalel. This time it was Kalel's turn to speak.
She shook her head. "I finally realized that forcing Anthony to do what he doesn't want is what he really doesn't want. To be honest, to have him continue your work as CEO, Mr. Padilla, made him the least bit happy. I hope you can understand that."
My parents seemed to be shocked. "Anthony, are you really unhappy?"
I had to be honest. I really did. "I'm sorry, father, mother. I disappointed you big time. To tell you the truth, I didn't want any of this. I pretended to like what you've given me. I've always wanted to get away from this life, like grandma wanted. But, if it makes you feel better. I'd gladly go to Japan."
"That's good to hear. But, you've got to tell your little friend what you want." my mother said. "So, go after him. And you two girls Kalel and. .  ."
"Mari." Mari smiled.
"Mari. Kalel and Mari will accompany you. Just in case." my mother smiled. "You only get this lifetime chance. If you love him too, I suggest getting it out of your system now. Your father and I will wait for you here. I'm glad you finally told us the truth."

I smiled and hugged my parents for well, the first time in years. I wanted them to accept me, not just the decisions they made for me.

"We'll always love you, Anthony." my mother said.
"Your mother's right. Now go and find him."

I nodded and Mari, Kalel, and I went out of the office, knowing just where Ian was. I couldn't wait to tell him my feelings. I wanted him to be mine too.



THEM DIALOGUES THOUGH. So, I kind of made Anthony's parents a little forgiving of Anthony's actions. I mean, parents want their children happy, right? So, I made them accept Anthony's happiness. Don't get me wrong, his parents are still showing signs of being reluctant to having a man for a lover. But hey, aren't parents a little too overprotective at times? Ahaha.

Hope you liked Part 19a.

I hope you guys are feeling and doing well. ❤

love, happy_luckyrain

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Dude I totally did a face palm when Ian barged in and yelled
"I LOVE YOU!" right in front of Anthony and his parents! :0
I was happy but embarrased for Anthony D:
But I am so glad that Anthony's parents backed him up!! :D
Such a twist! Nice Work ;)

Didn't we all facepalm when Ian said that? Ahaha. I facepalmed when I wrote it. Lol!
But yes, Anthony's parents have understood him completely.
Thank you for commenting!~

Hahaha Double Face-Palmed!! :D
Your'e welcome (for the comment ;} ) you
deserve all the love for your fantastic series!! ;D

(Deleted comment)
Ballsy Ian is the best Ian! I think? Ah, you're right. I realized halfway through that Anthony's parents accepting him, even though they were dependent on him, was pretty unnatural. But, I would like to think that they recognized his unhappy behavior a little bit when they came to visit Anthony in earlier times and just wanted to clarify if he is unhappy. ^^;

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