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Like Money (Part 19b)
Title: Like Money

Author: happy_luckyrain

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Ianthony

Genre: Romance, fluffy-fluff fluff, friendship, AU, drama(? maaaaybeee)

Summary: Anthony is an arrogant jerk who's really sick and tired of his life. He's got fame, fortune, and the whole dilemma but in reality, he just wants to get out of this fast and furious life. Unlike Anthony though, Ian is a middle class, simple-minded person but can't really find what he's looking for in his life. What happens when these two have to work together? Unexpected events will sure unravel!

Author's Notes: Time-skipped to two-weeks. The final part!

Previous Chapters:

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Ian Hecox

I couldn't believe I just flat out confessed. In front of his parents and out of anger too. I scratched my head, feeling so embarrassed. They're probably scolding Anthony now and just pestering him and moving his flight to tonight. Argh. I screwed it all up. For me and for Anthony.

"I can't believe you." funny, it's almost as if Anthony was here with me.   .   .

Wait a minute. I looked up and sure enough Anthony was towering over me. I stood up, dusting the sand that was stuck on my pants and blinked a couple of times just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

"I can't believe you would cause a big scene like that. In front of my parents. Jesus Christ." he sighed. "That was embarrassing for me to watch."
"Yeah, I kind of figured that out. Sorry about this whole thing. Sorry for confessing just out of the blue." I gave out a nervous laugh.
"Why?" he asked me.
"B-Because your parents must be so pissed at me for causing a scene like that. But, I really just couldn't help it. Why didn't you tell me you were going somewhere?"
"Hm? Oh, because I was sure you'd react like how you did earlier."
"True." I looked down. "So? You still plan on going?"
"Well, yeah. Of course. It's part of my job. But, I'm not going alone. I'm actually going with someone."
"Oh.  .  ." I was certain it was Kalel but still, I have to ask. "Who?"
"My lover." he had said. My heart just broke a bit. He has a lover? Great, what other secrets is he not telling me?
"So, you mean to tell me. I flat out confessed only to find out you have a lover?" I glared up at him. "Who do you think you are?"

Just then, Anthony had done something really unexpected. He laughed. Why was he laughing? What the hell is going on? First he plans to not tell me that he was going somewhere, then he tells me he has a lover, and now he's laughing at me? Just who does this sadistic bastard think he is?



Anthony Padilla

I couldn't help it, I just have to laugh. Ian is so freaking dense. Ahahaha. Oh my gosh. But, I couldn't blame him, I didn't specifically say who my lover was. He's probably thinking it's Kalel or even Mari. But, seriously? Seriously? Ahahaha. I'm so sadistic.

After my laughing fit, I saw Ian. He looked like he was going to punch me straight in the face for messing with him. I just couldn't help it, his actions were all so cute.

"Who do I think I am? I'm the CEO of the Padilla Associates." I smirked.
"Not that! I know that! But, why are you messing with me? Why are you laughing at me? Are you making fun of me because I embarrassed myself?" Ian asked me.
"Well.  .  .yeah." I saw his shocked expression and smiled. "But, I like messing with your little head."
"What? Argh! Just go with your little lover. Wherever she is. I can't believe I confessed to you like that." he shook his head and turned away from me. I just shrugged.
"Okay then." I then grabbed his left arm and dragged him with me.
"What the hell are you doing?" Ian had asked me, trying to get himself out of my grip.
"Jeez. You're really dense. I was hoping you would figure it out by now." I shook my head, stopped walking, and let go of his arm.
I turned to face him. "We're lovers now."
"W-Wh-Wh--Wait!" he was flustered. "You can't just decide if we're lovers or not. Don't take advantage of my confession!"
"I'm not taking advantage of your confession." I poked his forehead. "I really do love you back. And I know I didn't show it but, I've come to grow to love you quite a lot." I smiled.
He looked really flustered. "Okay. This is too much. First you're going somewhere, then you lie about having a lover, then I find out that you like me back? You're messing with me right?" he pouted.
"Hmm.  .  .Nope."

I did the unexpected. I kissed him. Straight on the lips, not really caring about the people watching (even though there's less people because it was a Sunday). His lips felt soft and tasted like chocolate with strawberries. My favorite kind. I could feel Ian's hand coming to wrap around my neck, everything seemed perfect. Until.  .  .

"Oh, God! Finally!"

Way to ruin the moment, Mari.



Ian Hecox

"Oh, God! Finally!"

What the hell? Mari's here? I broke the perfect kiss and saw Mari and Kalel running towards us. Kalel looking really shocked.

"M-Mari! Kalel! What are you doing here?"
"They came to accompany me because my mom wanted them to. And they promised to stay hidden." Anthony sounded annoyed but, I really can't blame him. I mean, Mari ruined the moment.
"Yeah, yeah. I ruined the moment. Yeah, I know. But jeez, I couldn't stand hiding behind that bush over there." Mari pointed at the nearby bush. "I also couldn't stand the romance and fluff."

By then, Anthony, Kalel, and I started laughing at her and her typical antics. If I'm coming with Anthony, I'm sure going to miss the memories we've made here in little Carmichael. By the way.  .  .where IS he going?

"Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. Where are you even going, Anthony?" I looked up at him.
"Hm? Oh, Japan. I'm supposed to do some foreign affairs there and manage the Padilla Associates there."
"J-Japan?" I was shocked. I've been quite interested in Japan and really wanted to go for a while now but to actually go there for real without having to pay for it was just, wow. Wait, I'm not paying am I? "Wait, how am I going to get there? I mean I have money but--"
"Relax. Jeez. I booked a ticket for you last night after deciding that I would confess to you today. Don't worry." Anthony slung his arms on my shoulders. Everything felt right.

There was silence. A kind of awkward silence, which is really weird since we've never had this much.

"So? Uhm. I guess this is goodbye?" Mari looked away from us.
"Hm? Oh no, not really." Anthony said and we all looked at him with confused stares. "Yeah, I know that Ian is coming with me. But we can still keep in touch."
"Skype then?" Mari asked, voice filling with hope.
"Not quite."
"Oh no, don't tell me." Kalel came to a realization. "Don't tell me you booked us a flight too!"
"WHAT?" Mari and I exclaimed and Kalel and Anthony were forced to back away.
"Ow. My ear." Anthony mumbled. "But yeah, you girls are coming too. After all the memories we've had? I figured, why the hell not?"
"Anthony.  .  ." Mari said, dumbfounded. I really couldn't blame her, I was also dumbfounded. "You're really stupid. But you're the best friend this crazy girl can ever have!"

Before we knew it we had some sort of awkward group hug. Well, it felt awkward to me. Ahaha.

"I think it's time to go back to the company now." Kalel smiled and we all nodded and walked back towards the company. Anthony told me he didn't bring the car because the company really wasn't too far.



Anthony Padilla

We've reached the company in no time at all. Everyone was smiling at us when we got inside and i couldn't help but smile back as the four of us went inside the elevator. In a few moments, my mother and father would hear my decision and I'm sure they'd be happy.

When the four of us reached my office, I held Ian's hand and he smiled at me as we walked into my office. My parents were still there, talking it out.

"Oh, Anthony. You're back!" my mother exclaimed. "Have you decided what you want?"
I nodded. "Like I said, I'm going to Japan but I'm bringing Ian along with Kalel and Mari."
"That's good to hear that you'd be going to Japan but bringing your.  .  .lover, I suppose? Along with these girls will make you happy, yes?" my father wanted reassurance.
"Extremely happy." I smiled confidently. I was happy to just smile in front of my parents.
"Well, it's decided then. We'll book a flight for the people who will accompany you."
"That's not needed, sir." Ian had cut in. "Anthony booked us all flights inn advance. I hope you can forgive him for that." Ian smiled sheepishly and I heard my father laugh. My father laughing? That's the first.
"I'm glad Anthony is putting his wants first. If you make Anthony happy, then might as well." my father chuckled while my mother giggled. 
"Just remember, Anthony. Six o'clock. Sharp." my mother smiled and then looked at the clock. "Ah, your father and I should get going. And remember, I know that you guys will have fun but please, Anthony, do some work too."
"Don't worry, mom. I'll work hard."
"Don't work too hard. You'll keep him in check right.  .  ."
"Ian. Ian Hecox."
"Ian. That is a simple name I can remember. Please take care of my son." my mother smiled and Ian nodded in understanding.

I was happy that i didn't even mind walking my parents back to the entrance of the company, hugging them, and saying our goodbyes. Of course, they'll come check up on me from time to time but I didn't mind. I came back to my office with a smile on my face.

"Padilla. I can't believe you did that for us." Kalel shook her head. "I'm actually kind of happy and embarrassed at the same time."
"Don't worry, my parents will contact your parents. I'm sure of it."
"Yeah, but to rely on you. Jeez. Lowest of low."
"Oh, are we competing now? For pride, I take it?"
"Well, yes. Got a problem?"
"No. We'll compete. A friendly competition it is." I smirked.
"Guys, can we just be happy we're all going to Japan and be happy that Ian and Anthony are finally together?" Mari smiled and we all laughed.
"Of course." I then gave Ian a peck on the cheek. I could hear the girls groaning.
"Not in front of us. C'mon let's go eat somewhere. My treat." Kalel smirked. Oh, so the competition for pride has started? I don't mind, I'll beat this rookie in no time.
"Fine. But I'm planning to get the most expensive thing on the menu." I smirked back
"No fair!" Kalel squealed and I could see Mari and Ian roll their eyes.

I didn't mind. I'm just glad I finally got what I wanted in the end. Friends who don't care how rich I am and a lover who, I'm pretty sure, will be there for me. Because if he isn't I'll tie him down and never let him leave.



What? What is this I see? A finished series? I can't. My feels. Yeah, I know so many dialogue but, it was supposed to be like that anyways. The fluff is definitely flat out there. It's slowly burning my face off.

But, I just wanted to thank all of you guys for your constant support for this story (even if this series is just something I just put out there without even planning anything for it). I want to hug you guys a million times for even reading this series! (who knows, I might make a comic series for an Ianthony story.  .  .what? Yes, I'm planning to.)

With that I say, I hope you guys are feeling and doing well. ❤

love, happy_luckyrain

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The fluff is burning me!
I never expected Anthony to take all of them to Japan, I thought he would stay behind. It ended better your way. ;)
This has been a great series. :) I like the line: Because if he isn't I'll tie him down and never let him leave.
That's sweet in a stalkerish way! :D
Comic series for Ianthony..... Sounds cool! :)

Don't worry, I'll burn with you. (:
Ahaha. I originally had Anthony stay but I remembered his parents make sudden decisions for him.
As for that line, your comment in chapter 18 sparked it. Possessive Anthony is possessive.
Yup! But, I won't know when I'll have time to start it though. So have one shots for the time being. :D

Oh, cool! I'm glad I helped spark your ending. ;D

Awww totally cute!! :D
Yay for Happy ending!! This was such a great story
And you write very well <3 :)

Yay happy endings! Don't get me wrong, I was kind of sad that I had to end this series. But, all is well!~ Thank you for supporting me. (:

I was also sad, but when it ends with a great and happy ending,
I don't feel as sad :) and as far as the support, you deserved it and
your'e welcome :D

(Deleted comment)
Yay rainbows! And yes, everyone loves happy endings! :D I would like to thank you for reading this story as well. (:

WEEE! IT'S SO FLUFFY! :D SO MUCH I MIGHT EXPLODE! I love this so much, and the ending was just perfect! :D Amazing job!!!!!!

YAY! I like exploding!~ :D Thank you so much!~

Ohmagawd!!! That was ballsy, dude. You really outdid urself there. That was litterally the best ianthony i've ever read. (And im super obcessed with ianthony i read hundreads everyday bro) and how he'll tie him to the bed was hot. Lol I sooo love this really great job.
Just one word.....Encore??? XD
(Loving that damn fluff)...

Ahaha. [bows] Why thank you! I appreciate your kind comment. :D
I'm glad you loved the story. I want to thank you for reading it, too. :D
Encore? Well, I can give an epilogue but, I don't know. I really don't know. ^^;

I like the last sentence thats crossed out

Lol. Thanks. :D Glad you liked it!~

Asabfdghj IT'S OVER!!
And I love the ending! Everyone goes to Japan ^^
I really liked the story! The thought of the four being all good friends is so cute. And the fluff!!

Ahaha. Yeah. I started on another series so, if you want to read that. You're welcome to.
Of course! Everyone needs good friends!~ And fluff, oh the fluff. I'm glad you liked this story. :D

seriously amazing series! I kind of loved it. :3

And when Ian didn't know who the lover was!?
Basically it made english fail me!

Oh well, Now Im going to go read your newest work
See you thereeeee :]

I'm really glad you enjoyed every chapter of this series! :D

Slight twist to Ian's perspective.
To be honest with you, I love oblivious!Ian. Really cute!~

Ahaha. Okay then!~ Link right here if you're wondering:
If you've read it, I hoped you liked it. (:

Aww! That's so cute! I loved the whole series but if I may(; request a little epilogue haha(; with some smutty smoshy goodness!(: anyway amazing job I loved it!

Ahaha. Smut, never written smut before, but hmm. Idk, I'll try?

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